Communication by the Numbers

A numerical perspective on the benefits of effective communication

Employees feel disconnected in companies with poor communication. Why effective communication is needed in a workplace without it:

humphreys-signs40%: Employees who feel disconnected at work.

67%: Workers who do not identify with or are motivated to help the company attain its business goals and objectives.

25%: Employees who show up just to collect a paycheck. (1)

49%: Employees who feel their company is open and honest in its communication.

55%: Employees who feel that senior leadership only talks at them, but doesn’t listen to them.

51%: Employees without a channel to communicate up the corporate organizational chart. (2)

Benefits to companies that communicate better. Company that communicate effectively enjoy these statistical benefits over firms with poor communication:

30: Percent increase in market valuation. (3)

57: Percent higher in total return to share-holders than companies that communicated least effectively.

4.5: Times more likely to benefit from employees meaningfully connected with the company.

20: Percent who are more likely to experience lower turnover rates. (4)

1: Number of Communication Plans that a company must implement to achieve effective communication.

Succeeding with better communication. From an employee’s perspective, effective communication encompasses these elements:

  • Open and honest exchanges of information.
  • Clear, easy-to-understand materials.
  • Timely distributions.
  • Trusted sources.
  • Two-way feedback systems.
  • Clear demonstrations of senior leadership’s interest in employees.
  • Continual improvements in communication.
  • Consistent messaging across sources. (5)

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—Rich Maggiani

[Note: This post is one of our position papers originally published in 2012.]

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